reasons to work with us

10 Reasons to Work With Us

Your goals are our goals.

The primary focus of the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation is to help our community members identify and achieve their long-term philanthropic objectives.

Philanthropy is our job.

It’s not a sideline for us — our sole mission is philanthropy, free from conflicts of interest or any motivation other than to serve donors and grant recipients.

We know the community.

The Foundation has served Oak Park, River Forest and the surrounding area for over 60 years. We understand the needs of the community and can help you make the greatest impact with your giving.

Our reach is broad.

We know your philanthropic interests extend beyond the local community. The Foundation can assist with charitable giving wherever those interests lie, whether it’s a mission-based organization, a national nonprofit or your alma mater.

Broad philanthropic expertise.

From addressing the diverse needs of our community to managing complex asset portfolios, our areas of expertise span the full range of challenges faced by philanthropic individuals and families.

We’re part of your advising team.

We work collaboratively with your own legal, accounting, financial and other advisors to carry out your philanthropic plan and ensure its success.

We’re with you at every step.

Philanthropic needs and goals change over time, and the OPRFCF is ready to help at every stage. From educating youth in our Future Philanthropists program to creating a donor advised fund to assisting with estate planning, we provide advice and address practical matters in a sensitive, thoughtful way.

We offer tax advantages.

As a public charity, the OPRFCF offers the maximum tax advantage under federal law for most gifts.

We can make your gift go farther.

The Foundation can amplify the impact and reach of your charitable giving by pooling it with other gifts and grants, if you so choose.

Answers are a phone call or email away.

If you have a question or need anything in connection with your philanthropic projects, a member of our staff will work with you personally to resolve it.

Benefits of investing with OPRFCF include:

  • Name recognition or anonymity for your giving, according to your preferences
  • Assistance with determining the donor’s fields of interest and the best instruments to support those interests
  • Flexibility in the source of donor funds, including cash, stock and other assets
  • Personalized, knowledgeable partnership with OPRFCF philanthropic advisors
  • Ongoing fund management by OPRFCF professional experts
  • Consistent, clear communication from the OPRFCF team in determining funding schedules

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