want to
Make one gift to benefit a number of organizations
Support local nonprofit organizations

Make a gift that will help now and far into the future
Create a bequest that will benefit our community
Honor a family member

Involve family members in how much to give and to whom
Make a flexible gift

Support a specific cause
Make sure that the impact of my giving outlives me

Know that my gift will last forever
Support my alma mater and…
Help students with their education

Provide enriching opportunities for students
student scholarship & enrichment
Combine my gift with others for greatest impact

Provide for my family and my favorite charities
Give anonymously

Contributions through Community Foundations are the only way to truly give anonymously through any of our funds. Talk with Rhea Yap at 708-848-1560 to discuss your philanthropic interests, suitable funds to fulfill your intent and current community needs.

Receive advice, upon my request on which nonprofits are most effective

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Senior Philanthropic Advisor to discuss. Her number is 708-848-1560.

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