Types of Funds

The Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation can offer you and your client many benefits while helping your clients achieve their charitable goals. Our mission is to make Oak Park and River Forest a sustainable, healthy and vibrant place to live.

You have the skills and knowledge to best serve your clients’ financial and legal interests. The Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation has the local knowledge and expertise to best serve your client’s philanthropic interests by being able to offer a variety of creative giving options and services that achieve effective results. As our partner in giving, your clients will receive the simplicity and tax advantages of a public charity combined with the personal recognition, involvement and flexibility of a private foundation.

Fund for NowFund for Now

Gifts to the Fund For Now are in the current year for the on-going operations of the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation.

Endowment FundEndowment Funds

Gifts to the Community Grantmaking Endowment Fund increase the future distributions to our area organizations. Gifts to the Impact Excellence Endowment Fund ensure programs and services will continue into the future for the area social impact, or non-profit, organizations.

A gift or a group of gifts that total $10,000 or more can be established as a named or designated endowment fund you may name for a loved one or to honor the memory of someone special to you. Such a fund will assure funds for your charitable interests in perpetuity. These funds can be created through an estate plan and funded upon the death of the Donor.  Specific charities or programs at specific charities are named within the fund agreement to receive annual distributions.

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Advised FundAdvised Fund

Donor Advised Funds are the most commonly known type of Fund within the field of philanthropy.  You make recommendations to the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation's Board of Directors for distributions from the fund to support the charitable, cultural or educational programs that are of interest to you and that meet the policies established by the Board of Directors.

Designated FundDesignated Fund

Designated Funds are often (but not always) created through an estate plan and funded upon the death of the Donor.  Specific charities or programs at specific charities are named within the fund agreement to receive annual distributions.

Scholarship FundScholarship Fund

 For Oak Park & River Forest High School students, the Oak Park-River Forest Scholarship Foundation provides a variety of scholarships for high school graduates. You can contribute directly to those Funds.

We support other scholarships as well. See http://www.oprfcf.org/for-students/college-scholarships.  

If you want to provide a scholarship for a different school, you can create a new scholarship fund with us. You can specify the schools the young people come from or ones they are to attend. Scholarships can be for any level of education you, the donor, specifies.

Field of Interest FundField of Interest Fund

Field of Interest Funds provide distributions for specified causes. The organizations that further the cause may change over time, but the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation’s staff and Board of Directors will ensure that dollars entrusted to the Community Foundation will always be used for the designated purpose. Select from existing field of interest funds or establish a fund designating a particular area of interest as broadly or as narrowly as desired.

Agency Endowment FundAgency Endowment Fund

Typically established by an Agency, annual distributions from the fund will help support the activities and programs of the agency. Should a particular agency cease to do business, the Foundation will search for another organization providing similar programs.

Fund From Will or TrustFund From Will or Trust

A charitable bequest by will or trust is a simple way to make a lasting gift to your community. Making a bequest does not reduce your current assets. Rather, it stipulates asset distribution after your death. At any time during your life, you may cancel a bequest, change the beneficiary, or modify gift amounts.

Your decision to leave a bequest to your community means that all future earnings from your gift serve as a permanent source of community capital, helping you to do good work forever.  See bequest language for how to include the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation in your estate plan.

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