Race Details


The run starts at 8:30a, with 5 teams covering 5 streets in River Forest. Only one runner hits the road at a time. Each participant runs once, with each leg ranging between .25 - .75 mile in easy to moderate difficulty.


For each separate team, the runner will take turns running and sharing messages filled with warmth about Oak Park & River Forest. They will hand off the messages to the next runner, adds their own message to the previous runner’s message about why our community is great.


The “anchor” or last runner races to Thatcher Woods Indoor Pavilion holding all of their teams messages of warmth, in his/her head.  The first team to arrive at Thatcher Woods Forest Preserve, with the correct cumulative message will win!!


Join our non-profit partners, runner, volunteers, and spectators over at Thatcher Woods indoor Pavilion. Enjoy the warmth, sip some hot chocolate and wait for the other teams to finish their legs.

When & Where


Race Date: Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Race Time: 8:30AM


Race starting Locations:

Keystone & Bonnie Brae

Oak & Bonnie Brae

Iowa & Bonnie Brae

Thomas & Bonnie Brae

LeMoyne & Bonnie Brae


Finish line:

Thatcher Woods Indoor Pavillion

8030 Chicago Ave, River Forest, IL 60305

*Course is subject to change



5 teams running across 5 streets in River Forest.  Click on a street below to see the specific relay points.


    Start: Keystone & Madison

    Relay pt 1: Keystone & Vine

    Relay pt 2: Keystone & Linden

    Relay pt 3: Keystone & Central

    Relay pt 4: Keystone & Oak

    Relay pt 5: Iowa & Forest

    Relay pt 6: Chicago & Thatcher

    End Thatcher Pavilion


    Start: Iowa & Bonnie Brae

    Relay pt 1: Iowa & William

    Relay pt 2: Iowa & Jackson

    Relay pt 3: Iowa & Ashland

    Relay pt 4: Iowa & Park

    Relay pt 5: Iowa & Forest

    Relay pt 6: Chicago & Thatcher

    End Thatcher Pavilion


    Start: Oak & Bonnie Brae

    Relay pt 1: Oak & Clinton

    Relay pt 2: Oak & Jackson

    Relay pt 3: Oak & Franklin

    Relay pt 4: Oak & Park

    Relay pt 5: Oak & Keystone

    Relay pt 6: Chicago & Thatcher

    End Thatcher Pavilion


    Start: Thomas & Bonnie Brae

    Relay pt 1: Thomas & Monroe

    Relay pt 2: Thomas & Ashland

    Relay pt 3: Thomas & Park

    Relay pt 4: Iowa & Forest

    Relay pt 5: Thomas & Keystone

    Relay pt 6: Chicago & Thatcher

    End Thatcher Pavilion


    Start: Lemoyne & Bonnie Brae

    Relay pt 1: Lemoyne & William

    Relay pt 2: Lemoyne & Jackson

    Relay pt 3: Lemoyne & Ashland

    Relay pt 4: Park & Greenfield

    Relay pt 5: Park & Thomas

    Relay pt 6: Chicago & Thatcher

    End Thatcher Pavilion

Starting Locations & Relay Points (click for detail)

Swag Bag


As our thank you gift, all Share The Warmth runners will receive a super-cool long sleeve shirt, a commemorative event bag and other goodies.

Packet Pickup & Runner Orientation


Join us for Runner Orientation, to learn the details of Share The Warmth relay race and how things will go on race day and hear about our pre-race carb-loading event.


Packets will be available for pickup at:

Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation boardroom

1049 Lake Street, Suite 204

Oak Park, IL 60301


March 13th, 2017, 6:30pm - 7:30pm



Check back soon to see all the cool shots from the race, and read each team’s stories.

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